We believe that nobody is more entitled to the food related "on-demand" revolution profits, than the restaurant professionals.


We provide Solutions to our community of restaurant owners and neighbors, Yes we profile and know that every restaurateur has different needs and we are here to quickly connect the dots of their daily operation needs to the community they serve.


We are here to move forward the food industry community, we empower the most knowledgeable as well as the newbies, by increasing their chances to be successful.


-Walid W.

Your food, your profits !

Why start a food delivery business?


You own the food, as a restaurant owner, you pay for all of this show to take place, you have to place faith in your products and save on your online costs, as your food cost tend to only be higher, what is not normal is 12-20% commission on your checks and having no assistance.



Time is on our side, 20 years ago a menu directory was something new, now many developer are able to make online ordering platform for few thousand dollars the biggest challenge for these developers, is not having the experience of a food background and caterer to the restaurant owner as a client. Restaurant owners, managers and our neighbors are our clients.



As important as having a hostess, or someone to greet your customers properly, we train professional “Boss” helpers to understand what is expected from the Big Bosses, (the owners of restaurants and customers at home), been presentable, courteous and a team player is only part of our training programs to be successful.



To prevent a bad review, don't allow it to happen! After hundreds of thousands of hours in the food delivery science,that is the first lesson I have learned. we train our teams to look for the red flags, pay attention to details and follow all the procedures that we have tested to ensure the best experience for all the customers, it’s by treating every order with care that you succeed.

Lower Online costs, Lower Delivery costs.

About 20% of food establishments offer deliveries to customers, every 18 months 3-4 restaurant owners go out of business in most communities. In Terms of Food items, what we learned and what the numbers are: 30% profit as a target or greater. When you allow third party mainstream online ordering, take 12-20% commission, once you add packing and delivering cost, it becomes difficult to see profits, run your numbers !

Time to take your Profits

We empower members of the food industry to gain control of their on-demanded business, not only by providing the necessary strategy and expertise, but because we know that the restaurant owner, pays rent, pays for the purveyors, pays the staff, he is a businessman,

an entrepreneur, Restaurateurs should have first hand over profits regarding their menu items, restaurant owners and managers need to take part in the food delivery revolution!

Better Reviews, More Business!

In a world rewarded upon performance,

we are here to help take it to the next level, our unique factor, indicators and  the grid you will be part of ,will allow you, to always prevent the unsuccessful  scenarios, to ensure that all your customers are satisfied with your service. We train helpers to be ambassador of a brand, solution finders, a “Yes, we can!’ type of attitude, knowing

what is expected from them, empowering the best professionals is our goal.

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As a trendy as delivery is,restaurants do not make that much profits, maybe no profits on some checks value, we are here to help you understand your number and show the way.


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Managed and operated by professionals of the food industry, our team has multi-dimensional logistics solution, we know that deliveries do not start and  stop when the fax or phone rings.


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